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February 18, 2012

More inspiring news from Stockholm furniture fair

See more interesting designs from this year`s Stockholm furniture fair – clockwise from top left:

Time square shelf by David Design furniture
Gravity suit armchair by Sandra Cohen Callman – The Beckmans Design Academy
ULL – a collection of mobile cabinets inspired by Icelandic traditional pieces, by Beril CICEK from Turkey
T-shirt chair by Maria Westerberg for Green Furniture Sweden

February 5, 2012

A couch potato from Sweden

Carina Karlsson from Sweden makes interesting and useful items with a childish twist – her “couch potato” (soffpotatis) can be used as a cushion or a toy. What`s even more interesting is the way she uses that image of a large-headed monster to create colorful two-dimensional decorations, which are then applied to trays, cutting boards and more. See all her work at her blog

February 3, 2012

Random stripes in Sweden – Erika Tubin design

Some of Erica`s work connects to Swedish roots

Erika Tubin`s work shows how far one`s artistic expression can reach by using very limited means – in her case it`s the old red play-horse and intertwined branches under snow. Loads of inspiration and utmost simplicity! You can check her work on her site, or see her items in the online shop signerat.