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February 18, 2012

More inspiring news from Stockholm furniture fair

See more interesting designs from this year`s Stockholm furniture fair – clockwise from top left:

Time square shelf by David Design furniture
Gravity suit armchair by Sandra Cohen Callman – The Beckmans Design Academy
ULL – a collection of mobile cabinets inspired by Icelandic traditional pieces, by Beril CICEK from Turkey
T-shirt chair by Maria Westerberg for Green Furniture Sweden

February 16, 2012

Inspiring news from Stockholm furniture fair 2012

Here are some interesting design product from the recently finished Stockholm furniture fair – clockwise from top left:

The log lamp by Nicolette Brunklaus, Amsterdam
Tictactoe by Swedish a2designers
Modern textiles by Stockholm`s design firm Bantie
Buzzihood – acoustic hood and other acoustic solutions by BuzziSpace, Antwerp
People chair by the Swedish Netsman designers duo called Design by leftovers