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September 8, 2009

Invention: curtain made of concrete

concrete textile - a heavy curtain

concrete textile - a heavy curtain

Thomas Mennel and Reinhard Muxel from memux, Vienna have come up with a heavy idea – why not design a concrete curtain. textile made of concrete – a great idea! If you were wondering what is the use of such an invention, this is what the designers had to say: “In acoustic terms this curtain also holds a surprise because it produces scraping noises when rustling in the wind, noises that one has probably never heard before. The concrete curtain can serve many different purposes and has excellent sound-absorbing and heat-absorbing and storing qualities. In outdoor installations, it can thus serve as an effective sun or windscreen, a privacy screen or facade element, while indoors it may serve as a room partition.”
So, as the wind blows, the concrete plays music for our ears. Produced by Oberhauser & Schedler