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January 19, 2009

The Indian kick: DoshiLevien

"My beautifull backside" by DoshiLevien for Moroso

"My beautifull backside" by DoshiLevien for Moroso

the "mosaic" range for Tefal became a sucsess
DoshiLevien studio formed by Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi has been around for couple of years, and still they are counted among the “next generation”  designers, or “the designers of tomorrow”. This constant fascination with their design work is surely due to it`s freshness. I was surprised to see how they engage in economic, social and cultural transformation of modern India. I was furthermore bedazzled to find out how play-like and deeply investigated their work is. See the web site.
The “principessa” (Italian for “princess”) is among my favourites (below)
"Principessa" - a daybed consisting of many thin mattress layers
The idea for rounded cushions of “My beautifull backside” came form this picture from ancient Indian text “the garden of life”