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February 6, 2012

Jan Falta`s crystalline humour

On the line

Czech glass artist Jan Falta combines masterly glass craftmanship and humour for a surprising effect – his crystal glass tumblers, produced by Marienberg, are a true flow of inspiration. Just imagine drinking something nice out of these masterpieces, telling stories among friends…

These works of Jan Falta have been showcased at the recent Maison&Objet.


January 26, 2012

Agonist perfumes – the scent of (Sw)eden

Frozen Arctic Agonist No1 Inspired by the frozen arctic icescapes this edition capsulates a fresh jewel of Parfum made of 100% natural ingredients. Top Notes: Brazilian Orange, White Freesia, Red Bilberry

These Agonist bottles are not meant to be thrown away after you extract the last drop of perfume – because every bottle is hand-made by the prestigious Kosta Boda Glasswork situated in the deep forest of Småland, Sweden. The traditional craft of glass blowing is challenged in collaboration with the award-winning glass artist Åsa Jungnelius. Each individual piece is unique and no bottle looks the same.

Each bottle is a sculpture and you can buy the refill of the perfume. The fragrances are concocted from 100% natural ingredients, with scents deriving from a multitude of sources, from Bulgarian rose to Atlas Cedarwood.

Agonist has set up a new niche market of their own, opening shop in Rome as a sign that good things come in even better packages.

Liquid Crystal Agonist No4 This fresh and oriental 100% natural fragrance is sharp and clean as a samurai sword. The unique and skillful composition is expressed in the sculpture using the finest cutting techniques in glass and draped in gold and silver. Top Notes: Bergamot, Artemisia Absinthium, Oriental Spices, Cloves, Sicilia Orange

Infidels Agonist No3 Sculpture Line Edition No 3 s is a deep and captivating fragrance inspired by the exact moment when the bud is about to burst. The heart of the rose with a deep and sensual ambience. Top Notes: Pink Pepper Jp, Sicilia Lemon, Cloves, Indian Davana And Elemi