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February 8, 2012

Architecture by Snowflake

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion by Snøhetta

The Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta (Snowflake) have been awarded the “display” category winner at World Architecture festival in Barcelona in November 2011. But much more than any award, the team at Snøhetta is honoured by sincere admiration and excitement their works bring to architecture lovers worldwide. If you need any words to describe this beauty in the wilderness, read here.

February 6, 2012

Crystallized project – Tokujin Yoshioka @ Maison&Objet


Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka`s designs have always been positioned somewhere in the undefined region between poetry and materialism. Indeed, he begins his design exploration by working with materials in the strangest forms and techniques, and so he ends up with most unexpected results.

To no surprise, this year Tokujin is one of the chosen designers of the year (créateur now! design à vivre 2012) at Maison&Objet in Paris.

He presents his explorations into the realm of the frozen water, named “Crystallized project” – the crystallized painting series grown by the vibration of music by Frederic Chopin and also the crystallized chair “VENUS – Natural crystal chair” and the crystallized painting in aquariums.

January 26, 2012

Agonist perfumes – the scent of (Sw)eden

Frozen Arctic Agonist No1 Inspired by the frozen arctic icescapes this edition capsulates a fresh jewel of Parfum made of 100% natural ingredients. Top Notes: Brazilian Orange, White Freesia, Red Bilberry

These Agonist bottles are not meant to be thrown away after you extract the last drop of perfume – because every bottle is hand-made by the prestigious Kosta Boda Glasswork situated in the deep forest of Småland, Sweden. The traditional craft of glass blowing is challenged in collaboration with the award-winning glass artist Åsa Jungnelius. Each individual piece is unique and no bottle looks the same.

Each bottle is a sculpture and you can buy the refill of the perfume. The fragrances are concocted from 100% natural ingredients, with scents deriving from a multitude of sources, from Bulgarian rose to Atlas Cedarwood.

Agonist has set up a new niche market of their own, opening shop in Rome as a sign that good things come in even better packages.

Liquid Crystal Agonist No4 This fresh and oriental 100% natural fragrance is sharp and clean as a samurai sword. The unique and skillful composition is expressed in the sculpture using the finest cutting techniques in glass and draped in gold and silver. Top Notes: Bergamot, Artemisia Absinthium, Oriental Spices, Cloves, Sicilia Orange

Infidels Agonist No3 Sculpture Line Edition No 3 s is a deep and captivating fragrance inspired by the exact moment when the bud is about to burst. The heart of the rose with a deep and sensual ambience. Top Notes: Pink Pepper Jp, Sicilia Lemon, Cloves, Indian Davana And Elemi

January 26, 2012

Yes, we can change the nature!

There are some very intriguing notions to be absorbed at the online show of the exhibition Alter Nature: We Can at Z33, a Belgian house for contemporary art, held from 21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011.


Makoto Azuma - Frozen Pine

In Frozen Pine, a Z33 commission, a bonsai pine tree is ‘freeze-sprayed’ and presented in an especially designed refrigerator. The icicles slowly extract the colour from the bonsai tree – the bonsai dies, but its beauty is preserved in optimum conditions.

Makoto Azuma
Shiki 1
Courtesy Makoto Azuma

photo: Kristof Vrancken / Z33

Reinier Lagendijk - Zonder titel 2009 Courtesy Reinier Lagendijk photo: Kristof Vrancken / Z33

Reinier Lagendijk presents with this work a 140cm high yucca plant. Conscious of the techniques of plant manipulation and processes and capacities of plant growth, Lagendijk creates poetic images which often come across as humoristic in the almost human dimensions they have been given.

Reinier Lagendijk
Zonder titel 2009
Courtesy Reinier Lagendijk

photo: Kristof Vrancken / Z33

Allison Kudla Growth Pattern

Allison Kudla Growth Pattern 2009 Courtesy Allison Kudla Production support of UHasselt

Growth Pattern consists of a 2,5 x 2,5m grid in which 64 Petri dishes contain tobacco plant leaves cut in specific shapes. The work takes on the form of a pattern and shows a direct link with design and the history of nature as a motif and interior design element.

Allison Kudla
Growth Pattern 2009
Courtesy Allison Kudla
Production support of UHasselt

photo: Kristof Vrancken / Z33



December 14, 2008

The “aaah” factor

I just don`t know what is it that distinguishes good design from bad, beautiful spaces from not such, good art from bad art. Milions of critics tried their best at it, and I suppose it is the driving force behind theories of art, architecture or design: to destinguish good from bad, and to make systems to clarify these destinctions.

What striks me, after all the years of formal and unformal education, is how fickle and eludive this “quality” in good designs, art, architecture is.

Still, I hold my breath each time I see a good photograph, or a specific peace of art.

This picture below inspired me to think of how little we still know about what lies beyond our ways of percieving.

For me this space pictured was just beautfiul. I`ll call it the “aaah” factor 🙂

the front of a former argentinian monastery

the front of a former argentinian monastery