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February 11, 2012

French futuristic poetry in the Alps

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, the fantastic French architect with huge talent, has made his mark at Chalet Beranger, a jewel hidden in the French Alps. The poetry of stripped wood planks, combined with virtuoso strokes of white sinuous corian, evokes the feeling of best futuristic movies.

The sparse simplicity of Lawrance`s design is enchanting.

Via Archilovers

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February 10, 2012

An eco-refuge for climbers – Gervasutti


The Italian firm LEAPfactory (the acronym means Living, Ecological, Alpine Pod) has designed and installed a modular unit at an altitude of 2800 meters, in front of the spectacular East face of the Grandes Jorasses of the Mont Blanc Range. The modular shelter-pod is self sustainable, with solar energy panels and has been completely furnished at factory. Then it was taken up with helicopters and assembled on site from several units – living, sleeping, sanitary and entry unit.

via LEAPfactory

February 8, 2012

Architecture by Snowflake

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion by Snøhetta

The Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta (Snowflake) have been awarded the “display” category winner at World Architecture festival in Barcelona in November 2011. But much more than any award, the team at Snøhetta is honoured by sincere admiration and excitement their works bring to architecture lovers worldwide. If you need any words to describe this beauty in the wilderness, read here.

February 5, 2012

My modern tidy home – note #1

Can modern homes be tidy? Judging by all professional photos it`s an imperative for a modern home to be tidy in order to be presentable.

But what to do if you don`t live in hundreds of square meters?

Here`s an idea from Japanese architect Tomohiro Hata – in his Complex house he uses raised levels in some rooms, underneath which you can store lots of things.

More ideas to come!

February 4, 2012

Bravo for Patkau!


plywood forms grouped in the snow make shelter for skaters in Montreal

A flock of plywood forms in the middle of a frozen river? It is not a beginning of some fiction novel, but a real architectural addition to the Canadian winter. The team at Patkau Architects have given form to a long lasting need of people in Winnipeg to find shelter in the freezing -30 degrees and sweeping Arctic winds. Grouped together like a herd of buffaloes and turning their back to the wind, these leightweight shelters can be moved in the speing and reused come next winter.

Well done Patkau team!


September 8, 2009

Invention: curtain made of concrete

concrete textile - a heavy curtain

concrete textile - a heavy curtain

Thomas Mennel and Reinhard Muxel from memux, Vienna have come up with a heavy idea – why not design a concrete curtain. textile made of concrete – a great idea! If you were wondering what is the use of such an invention, this is what the designers had to say: “In acoustic terms this curtain also holds a surprise because it produces scraping noises when rustling in the wind, noises that one has probably never heard before. The concrete curtain can serve many different purposes and has excellent sound-absorbing and heat-absorbing and storing qualities. In outdoor installations, it can thus serve as an effective sun or windscreen, a privacy screen or facade element, while indoors it may serve as a room partition.”
So, as the wind blows, the concrete plays music for our ears. Produced by Oberhauser & Schedler

September 8, 2009

A revolution in window design and technology


Immagine a window without frame and still to be able to open it, tilt it and slide it. These are Josko windows, a true revolution in windows. The windows are available in heights from floor to floor and suitable for low-energy and passive houses. The range also includes a screwless windowsill and integrated ventilation of the glass panels as well as integrated drainage. see more at josko

September 3, 2009

The Great Indoors 2009 Design Award – two more weeks to go!

The grat indoors 2009 Design Award

The grat indoors 2009 Design Award

Two more weeks to go!

On the 15th of September, registration for The Great Indoors Award closes!
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Check out some of the previous winners in 2007 below

Design Firm of the Year - Wonderwall - Tokyo, JP

Design Firm of the Year - Wonderwall - Tokyo, JP

Ryuiji Nakamura Achitects, project: Jins Global Standard

Ryuiji Nakamura Achitects, project: Jin's Global Standard

Heatherwick Studio, project: East Beach Café

Heatherwick Studio, project: East Beach Café