The magic of light – Carlotta de Bevilacqua

 centaurus light

This year has been a particularly rich one with new designs for Carlotta de Bevilacqua, head of Italian company Danese Milano. She has presented 7 new lighting design groups at this year`s Euroluce in Milan.

Probably the most striking are lights from the ORION range, stellarly named Orion alfa and Orion Beta,

along with another light from this family, called Centaurus.

All are made of bent sheets of polycarbonate coupled with WF films. They are easy to dismantle and very light.  The angular shapes are derived from star formations that they take their name from.


You can also see other new designs from Carlota, former CEO for the Brand strategy and development of Artemide Group.

01-ina.jpg Ina task light

hbm100.jpg HBM 100 (hommage di Bruno Munari)

xiao-tet.jpg Xiao Tet suspension

02-tet-tan.jpg tet tan table lamp

playfyl-mind.jpg playful mind suspension lamp

playfyl-mind-02.jpg playful mind options

One Comment to “The magic of light – Carlotta de Bevilacqua”

  1. These lights are beautiful. Where may they be purchased in the U.S.?


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