Rust, dust and rain in your bathroom

 Cascade – ITA wall-mounted single-lever basin mixer (Projection: 185 mm). Photos: Thomas Popinger Copyright: Dornbracht

The new bathroom concept developed by Mike Meire from Meire und Meire communication/design company for German bathroom fixtures producer Dornbracht is full of unconventional notions. Not only you are invited to step under a shower of rain (literally, as the revolutionary head shower delivers tiny raindrops at the turn of your hand), but you are also invited to enjoy the experience of bathing and personal hygiene surpassing everything seen before. But to make the revolutionary part more obvious, the interior design of this concept bathroom is clad with rusted metal sheets and bold stones.

But, don`t let the visuals fool you – the concept is truly a step forward in exploring the “ritual”. This exploration is a part of NOISES FOR RITUAL ARCHITECTURE “ELEMENTAL”, about which you can see more at

MAterial used in this bathroom is Corten steel. As it is not susceptible to the effects of weathering and based on its characteristic patina, Corten steel is also used for highlighting effects in architecture and as a material in the artistic field.

Each personal hygiene action has a dedicated zone.

Footwash – ITA wall-mounted single-lever basin mixer (Projection: 185 mm). Photos: Thomas Popinger Copyright: Dornbracht

Thus, for example, the humble wall cabinet is in fact “a prelude to purification of body and soul, the beginning of the Elemental Spa journey”.


Then comes the facefash, after it foot washing and body cleansing,  preparing the body for an invigorating shower. After the shower an immersion of body into a hot tub has therapeutic effects.

 Shower – SANGHA shower with wall fixing, Thermostat module with 2 valves, Complete hand shower set without valve, left side: Towel Bar (600 mm). Photos: Thomas Popinger Copyright: Dornbracht

Inspired by the eastern rituals of body cleansing, Dornbracht proposes to spend some time on a heated block of marble after the hot bath.

 Photos: Thomas Popinger Copyright: Dornbracht

To promote calmness and meditation one should include a wooden bench and a small patio into the bathroom (by now, the total area of the bathroom has grown to more than 30 square meters!).

 Photos: Thomas Popinger Copyright: Dornbracht

In the end, there is also a “spill zone” – a special area for maintaining contact with water, which I suppose is a place where you can play with water, sprinkle and splash without fear of ruining anything (the bathroom should be 50 square meters large to accommodate this, at least). To clarify all, I include a drawing of the proposed bathroom, sorry for the low quality.


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