Of gold covered chocolate and more…

Nucleo did excite some “aaahhh” comments at Zona Tortona in Milan with their fascinating booth (part of the Luxury palace project), but more was to come from the wonderfully courteous man in white gloves wondering weather we`re there only for the press kit. “Just the press kit and you don`t want to try our chocolate?” he asked.

“Chocolate! What chocolate?!”

well, it was this chocolate:

nucleo preciouss 01 chocolate nucelo preciouss 02 chocolate

We got to try it and to take it home with us in lusciously packed press-kit. But the Nucleo team has more to it than just the palatal pleasures: one discovers much more design-wise, as you may see if you read the rest of the article here

Their designs include also the bathroom furniture program, namely neo-baroque gilded ceramics toilet basins and lush laser-cut mirrors, with the usual antourage of gold or silver taps, furniture finished in white or black tecnoril laser impressed, all produced by Cima arredobagno.

nucleo dream arredobagno

But, what most cought our eye, and what most befits our fingers , is a clever design for a ring that you never get enough of, literally. You just want to add on, and on…

nucleo human landscape

they have also tried themselves at the angular sofa made from simple building-blocks, and for corian-lovers there is a “trotolla” – a fruit bowl, a centerpiece, best described by the words in their press kit:

Trottola :: Spinning top Trottola is a table centrepiece inspired by an oldest children’s game.Its form is like a movement freezed in a sequence of photographs in the style of Edward Muybridge*.Every snapshot is conceived so as to amplify the effect of motion drawing on the background an invisible outline.
nucleo meritalia

nucleo trottola corian

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