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September 8, 2007

Blu Dot furniture and affordable housing

According to the Blu Dot news bulletin, the weekend home of their co-founder has been published in Met Home, of which you can see some pictures here.

The home boasts an average of only 117$ per square foot, and it looks nice too.

Read on for the integral text from Blu Dot`s press release, plus some new products.

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September 8, 2007

Of gold covered chocolate and more…

Nucleo did excite some “aaahhh” comments at Zona Tortona in Milan with their fascinating booth (part of the Luxury palace project), but more was to come from the wonderfully courteous man in white gloves wondering weather we`re there only for the press kit. “Just the press kit and you don`t want to try our chocolate?” he asked.

“Chocolate! What chocolate?!”

well, it was this chocolate:

nucleo preciouss 01 chocolate nucelo preciouss 02 chocolate

We got to try it and to take it home with us in lusciously packed press-kit. But the Nucleo team has more to it than just the palatal pleasures: one discovers much more design-wise, as you may see if you read the rest of the article here

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