Good design with the .se suffix

design in sweden

It`s old news that good modern design comes from Northern countries. But stop to take a look at some of the most heart warming designs from Sweden, thus the .se suffix.

Ola Wihlborg has been a darling of ours for a while, and now, following her designs for CODE basket and wooden brick toy in shapes of Stockholm famous buildings, now comes the lamp FAS. It is produced in three colors, black, white and red, and the inside can be golden.

ola wihlborg fas

Mia Cullin`s designs bring on an irresistible sensitivity, largely apparent when meeting her in person. Her name became known when she won a design award for her delicate carpet, made of connected flowery petals cut from leather.

Years on, Mia has presented us with two new designs at this year Milan show: the table SPLINTER and the curtain LOOP. The table is made of randomly welded metal pieces with a glass on top, the curtain is made of individual stripes of wool felt, and is great as a room divider and for sound absorption.

splinter table Mia Cullin curtain loop mia cullin

Ulrika Elovsson and Ulrika Martensson shared a booth at Salone Satellite in Milan, and the two of them also share a common interest into textiles, but with different approach. Elovsson`s interest produced a lightweight hoistable curtain cum spatial divider – WING, while Ulrika Martensson researches tactile characteristic of three dimensional knitted textile, called the WOBBLING WOOL (see below).


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