Light experience


The SOMA restaurant/bar by a+i architecture/information design company from New-York is literary an experience of light. Viewed form the outside, the entrance to the building suggests no more than an austere interior inspired by eastern architecture and lifestyle.

But once through the main entrance, the journey through light begins. The corridor is very dark, but only to stimulate the senses, as strong rays of light shimmer through small, irregular holes in the dividing wall. Entering the main hall, the dark palette continues, and the chandelier of many acrylic tubes shines brightly over the bar area. Round holes in the walls are recurrent theme, at some places used to partially reveal secluded areas of the restaurant. An experienced eye can tell how few elements were used to create such a rich interior. See more projects from a+i here.

One Comment to “Light experience”

  1. i am looking for GLOBE CHANDELIER,,or GLOBE LIGHTNING

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