Taschen rocks!

Taschen has presented us with another amazing book, and by the looks of it, it will be a hit!

For all of you(us) graphic design fans (or should I say addicts) this is THE book to have and to cherish: Contemporary Graphic Design

See some of the riches inside:

(above) P.141 Vladimir Dubko, “Shine” cover illustration for Fashion Collection Magazine, 2005

(above) P.282 Hideki Inaba, “Relax No.101” magazine artwork for Magazine House, 2005

(above) P.417 Stefan Sagmeister, “Trying to look good limits my life” / “Starting a charity is surprisingly easy” billboards and magazine spreads for Art Grandeur Nature / Copy Magazine, 2004-2006

(above) P.421 Peter Saville, “Suite for Adobe” special edition marketing poster for Adobe, 2003 (in collaboration with Howard Wakefield)

P.352 Karel Martens, “Julian Matteo Martens” announcement poster for grandson’s birth, 2005

One Comment to “Taschen rocks!”

  1. please could you tell me some history of Vladimir Dubko because i need it to do a school assinment please tell me as soon as possible.

    please please please!!!

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