Casa de Mar Azul – Argentina

 Besionias-Almeida-Kruk 01

Amazing thigs can be epressed with béton brut, as Le Corbusier thought us. The Argentinian trio of architects, Besionias-Almeida-Kruk (Maria Victoria Besonias, Guillermo de Almeida, Luciano Kruk) seem to be the disciples of this great master. Their award-winning project for a one-family house in the woods, (the “Mar Azul” in its name being the woods), near Buenos Aires is a poetical search into the realms of béton brut, embraced by nature.

This simple structure has a different face viewed from various angles, and its size seems dwarfed by the old pines. Inside, suprizingly, the edifice is filled with light, warm and pleasant, in spite of vast amounts of visible beton. Unfussy, simple and charming, could be the words used to describe the Argentinian trio of talents.

Besionias-Almeida-Kruk 02

Besionias-Almeida-Kruk 03

Besionias-Almeida-Kruk 04

Besionias-Almeida-Kruk 05

Besionias-Almeida-Kruk 07

3 Comments to “Casa de Mar Azul – Argentina”

  1. is the best house, i ever seen
    i like the way the site is being used
    is one of the low cost housing

  2. This house reminds me the Farnsworth House from the great Mies Van der Rohe
    not the concret, but the landscape, the stairs and the crystal screens
    it´s just amazing

  3. Hermosa hermosa casa, una de las razones por las que volvería a la costa Argentina.
    Siempre y cuando los dueños me inviten unos mates.

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