Paradise revisited

lisoni hote 

It is not too big a statement – Dellis Cay Island (in the West Indies) is truly a paradise, and an architecturally enriched one, too. Developed by the O Property Collection, led by Dr Cem Kinay, a remarkable name in the business of luxury developments, Dellis Cay stands out from other “ordinarily remarkable” design resorts. Where else in the world could you get a Zaha Hadid designed villa at the marina, a Kengo Kuma spa and a David Chipperfield villa overlooking the ocean? And the list goes on…

 lissoni hotel 2

The heart of the property is surely the hotel, designed by renowned Italian Piero Lissoni. He designed the beach houses as well. They both are graced by Lissoni`s restrained sense of elegance and style, one that most probably helped define the term “Italian design” toward the end of the 20th century.

Other highlights include the afore mentioned edifices designed by Kengo Kuma and Zaha Hadid, which you can see below.



Also, there will be villas designed by Shigeru Ban

 shigeru ban

David Chipperfield


Carl Ettensperger


The prospect of seeing those beautiful designs coming to life is almost too good to be true, and with much anticipation we`re looking forward to it.

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