News at OMA

Beijing skyline is increasingly defined by OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), with Rem Koolhaas as part the creative force at OMA.  Just as we`re getting used to the unortodox feature of CCTV building (shown at right), there`s more to come: the building next to it, also designed by OMA, will be a new luxury hotel. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group announced it will be managing this new offspring in the central business district of Beijing. Opening is due mid-2008, in time for the Beijing Olympic Games.

see more pictures and other news from OMA 


And in Mexico, in its capital, Mexico City, OMA has proposed building a megastructure 300m high, tallest tower in Latin America, sceduled to be finished in 2010, in time for the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence. Thus the name of the building,  Torre Bicentenario.

at the OMA site one can read “The high-rise is conceived by the stacking of two pyramidal forms. This produces a form that is at once familiar yet unique. At the junction of the two pyramids, a sky lobby acts as the transfer point between shuttles and local elevators. This space will offer extensive views over the park and the city beyond.”

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