Liebskind`s ROM crystal


Daniel Liebskind has designed “The Crystal” as part of the expansion of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the whole thing is called the ROM Renaissance. With a budget of over 154 Million USD, what the Canadians got is a bit eerie, a fascinating, twinkling… icicle. If my high school teacher was right saying that true art moves you and makes you shiver with emotions, than the ROM crystal does relate to it: it does make one shiver, but with cold.

See what the interior looks like:


2 Comments to “Liebskind`s ROM crystal”

  1. what a magnificant design for the museum,i want to know how this building stands on the ground pls,(structurarly)? i still doubt that this museum has many waste areas that has no usage in its space.

  2. hi,my name is Boules, student in faculty of engineering (Architecture). i want to know the source of inspiration or (concept) of making the design of this building (museum),pls? as it reflects a new movement in designing buildings in our age. but it is not really adequate at all times unless u have the right budget for doing this design.(154 million USD).

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