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July 31, 2007

CEO office interior design

Fortunately we at INDIGO architects have been busy producing some exciting new designs, both interior and exterior vise.

managerial desk

(above) Proposal for a CEO office in which luxurious materials such as crocodile leather, pony skin carpets,
 Barrisol (innovative translucent material), travertine planters and Philippe Starck designed, Cassina produced, leather seating are introduced.

see other proposals

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July 30, 2007

Australian 2007 Interior Design Awards Results

(above) Sydney Residence, design Hare & Klein Pty Ltd

The Design Institute of Australia (the professional body representing Australian designers) has announced category winners in April this year, and the complete list can be seen here.

For those of you with little or no time, the highlights can be seen in the rest of the article:

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July 30, 2007

Ireland`s best interiors

Winners of the best Interior Design in Ireland competition have been announced on this site. There are 4 award categories, as follows:

Interior Design 2007 Retail Space Award, winner is Brian Jennings MIDI with Douglas Wallace Architects, for the interior design of Peter Mark store (below)

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July 29, 2007

The RIBA Stirling Prize Short List Announced

casa da m 

On July 26, 2007 six finalists for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize, were unveiled. The winning architect receives a cash prize of £20,000. The prize is named after the great British architect Sir James Stirling (1926-1992). The winner will be announced in october.

The list was announced as:

America’s Cup Building, Valencia designed by David Chipperfield Architects
Casa da Musica, Porto  designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture (pictured above)
Dresden Station Redevelopment, Dresden  designed by Foster + Partners

Museum of Modern Literature, Marbach am Neckar  designed by David Chipperfield Architects

The Savill Building, Windsor  designed by Glenn Howells Architects

Young Vic Theatre, London  designed by Haworth Tompkins

July 28, 2007

Liebskind`s ROM crystal


Daniel Liebskind has designed “The Crystal” as part of the expansion of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the whole thing is called the ROM Renaissance. With a budget of over 154 Million USD, what the Canadians got is a bit eerie, a fascinating, twinkling… icicle. If my high school teacher was right saying that true art moves you and makes you shiver with emotions, than the ROM crystal does relate to it: it does make one shiver, but with cold.

See what the interior looks like:

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July 28, 2007

Phosphorous shine


Lumaglass™ makes use of Electroluminescent (EL) light in a film form which is fixed onto the inside of the profiled glass panels. This EL Lamp works by using an alternating current that excites phosphor crystals, which in turn emit light. Lumaglass™ is an environmental friendly light that requires low energy consumption and little to no maintenance. LumaglassTM has been launched by Westcrowns Contracting Services group. This light will never burn out completely!

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July 27, 2007

Excellence at home

 golden cage

Pictured above: The Golden Cage bookcase, design Vincenzo De Cotiis, in brushed natural brass
The Italian furniture producer Ceccotti has come up at the salone in Milan with 12 new designs for home furniture. Our favourite is surely the ephemeral Golden cage bookcase (one has to try it out to believe it), but we wouldn`t mind the rest of the lot, which you can see here

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July 20, 2007

Steve Lidbury Design

 sunao kuwahara store1

The Sunao Kuwahara store

With very clean and architectonic, but elegant and witty designs for fashion stores, Steve Lidbury has climbed the top of our list of favourite designers. Forget your expensive carpets and wallpaper, Steve does magic with the simplest of materials

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